ESG Strategy

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is a framework to guide decision-making at Magna. While mining critical minerals for a low-carbon future, Magna will take action to minimize environmental impacts, build local community relationships and govern with ethics and transparency. Our annual ESG scorecard will keep our efforts transparent and accountable to all stakeholders.


As a previously private company, Magna Mining have already taken a number of steps to put into place a company culture and strategy which gives full and prominent consideration to Environmental, Social and Governance related objectives. The nature of the Shakespeare project itself (a brownfield site with a deposit containing nickel sulphides) and its location (proximal to existing infrastructure, services and a renewable power source) will help to facilitate the implementation of best practice environmental and social policies. In addition, the board and management at Magna Mining remain committed to best practice corporate governance.

A more detailed outline of the “Pillars” of our ESG Strategy and some of the current ESG initiatives underway at Magna Mining is outlined in the document below.